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NUR 430

Research guide for NUR 430: Nursing Research and Application of Evidence Based Practice


Watch the video. Then scroll below for some example search phrases related to nursing!

Connecting Words

Example Search Phrases

I want to find articles about leadership in nursing related to job satisfaction.
nursing AND (leadership OR supervision) AND (satisfaction OR morale)

What are the potential side effects of whooping cough immunizations on infants?
("whooping cough" OR pertussis) AND (immuniz* OR vaccin*) AND ("side effects" OR "adverse effects") AND infants

I'm interested in drug addiction treatments that integrate pharmacological (except for methadone) and behavioral approaches.
pharmacological AND behavioral AND treatment AND (addict* OR "substance abuse") NOT methadone

I need research articles on the prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infections.
prevent* AND (CAUTI OR "catheter-associated urinary tract infection" OR "catheter-associated UTI")

Does the library have articles about kangaroo care in the NICU?
("kangaroo care" OR skin-to-skin) AND (nicu OR "neonatal intensive care unit")

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