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Dual Credit

Welcome to the Ralph W. Steen Library!

Welcome to the Dual Credit Research Guide for SFA!

Welcome to the SFA Library Dual Credit Research Guide.

This guide was designed by library faculty to help you navigate the library

and it's resources as a Dual Credit student.

What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit means that you can take approved SFA classes taught by our faculty. Depending on the class, you can take these at your own high school, on campus at SFA or through SFA Online.

You receive both high school and college credits for every class you complete successfully — and your college credits will be accepted at SFA. That means you’ll enter college with a head start!

To access the SFA Dual Credit website click here.

Accessing from Off Campus

The proxy server makes Steen Library electronic fee-based web resources available online to students, faculty, and staff. Users visiting these collections while on-campus will go directly to the resource without delay, while off-campus users will be asked to verify their mySFA user credentials.

There are two methods for accessing these services from off-campus: directly from the Library website, or from off-campus.

For more information or help, visit our Off Campus Access Page.

Schools Participating in Dual Credit

Burkeville                                            Douglass                                                       Mt. Enterprise                                           Warren

Center                                                Garrison                                                        Nacogdoches                                            Westwood

Central Heights                                    Kirbyville                                                       Newton                                                    Wills Point

Chester                                               Little Cypress-Mauriceville                               Palestine                                                  Woden

Colmesneil                                           Longview                                                      Regents                                                   Woodville

Cushing                                               Martinsville