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Citizen Science

A guide to finding sources for identifying local flora and fauna and helping with citizen science projects

Have you ever wondered....

Now that you're here in East Texas, you may have a few questions like:

Put your powers of observation to work for the community and make a difference. You can make and report observations from almost anywhere!

Observing East Texas

Opportunity knocks!

Looking for a Texas-specific project?

National Geographic has links to many projects.

If you are an educator or education student you might want to try facilitating a BioBlitz.

Notes From Nature lets you help transcribe historical items

Do you love birds? Join and report an annual count!

Want to try your had at forecasting the future? Sign up to be a superforecaster!

Here are more projects that need your assistance.

Some are at the Smithsonian

Pollution and conservation

Help track microplastics

What can be done about invasive species?

Where do I report pollution?

Let us know what you're doing!

Have you helped with a citizen (or crowd) science project?
Yes: 4 votes (66.67%)
No: 2 votes (33.33%)
Total Votes: 6

Email us with other suggested projects!

Have you used a nature app like iNaturalist or Seek?
yes: 1 votes (50%)
no: 1 votes (50%)
Total Votes: 2

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