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Lumberjacks Vote

Voting information for SFA students and community

Want to know more about election results and voter participation?

Students registering to vote

Your rights as a voter


Get Involved/Give Back

Take the time to get informed about the candidates. Here are a few links to get you started.

What about polling information?

Need statistics about voting?

What about campaign financing?

Don't stop here. Ask questions, contact your representatives and remember that your vote counts!

Registering to vote/Voting


Absentee voting/limited ballot voting

Living away at school but still want to vote back home?

  • Find out how to request an absentee ballot. Each state has different rules and deadlines so check out your home state's instructions.
  • The State Secretary of State's office is a great place to find accurate voting information for your state.

Here's a link to the Texas Secretary of State's office:

Don't forget that your county might also hold local elections while you're away:

Pay close attention to the mailing instructions, postage requirements and deadlines!


Did you miss the opportunity to get an absentee ballot but want to vote on national and state-level elections?

  • In Texas, during the early voting period (only), you may have an option to vote a limited ballot in person in the county in which you reside.


Elections in Your Area

What kinds of national elections are there?

How do you find out about local elections/school boards/ballot initiatives? Be sure to check out county elections and initiatives as well. 

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