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Streaming Video & Music

How to find streaming media

Resources for Streaming Video

Faculty: Do usually show a film or television episode in class but are unsure how to do so in your online or hybrid section? Steen Library can help!

Face to Face (f2f) teaching and online teaching are classified differently under US Copyright law.  US Copyright Law. Section 110 (1) allows for the performance or display of a work that is under copyright by an in person instructor with in person pupils in a classroom for educational purposes.  The US Copyright law views online classes differently. Depending on how much of a copyrighted work you show in your class and for what purpose you might need to secure public performance rights.
If you're unsure of the best option for you ask a librarian


These services specialize in licensing films and other media to colleges and universities for use in classes


Free Resources for Streaming Video

These websites have streaming video collections which in many cases can be used for educational purposes. Always check the rights information for any individual item or collection before using in class.

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