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Study Skills for Success!

About College Reading

Reading in college is not like reading for fun or just general information. It's not always the easiest way to understand, but a book is still one of the easiest ways to convey info, so there tends to be a lot of reading. The tricks to college reading?

  • Don't always read word for word. Use one of the methods linked here to focus your attention on what you need to know instead.
  • Use reading as part of your overall learning. Read before class to check concepts against the professor's lecture, then refer back to the book to make sure your notes are complete.
  • Take your time. Divide the number of pages you need to read by the number of days before your next class so you know how much you have to read each day, then tackle only that amount. 

Use the link below for more on how to skim, scan, analyze, and reflect - not just look at the words and hope they stick!