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Study Skills for Success!

About Studying

How Do I Learn All This?!

CONFUSION is not a sign that you can’t learn. It is a normal sign that learning is beginning to take place.

Stop studying-- and start learning.

  • You can sing the quadratic equation (surface-memorize-and-spit-out studying)
  • but can you teach the concept (deep-meaningful-connected learning)?

1. PUT IN THE TIME to build grooves in your brain

2. WORK IN BITES so your brain can digest it

3. REVIEW THE NEW IN 24 to keep your brain from forgetting

4. STUDY MISTAKES to break bad habits of the brain

5. ASK QUESTIONS to create shortcuts for brain

6. EXPLAIN OUT LOUD so context for material matters to brain

7. ASSOCIATE TO REMEMBER to encode new info (nonsense) into old info in brain (makes sense)