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Study Skills for Success!

How To Prepare for Tests

Image result for keep calm and prep for the testBefore you begin your preparations for your upcoming test, make sure you get plenty of sleep and are keeping your body hydrated and well fed. A hungry, sleepy, or thirsty mind does NOT make for a good testing brain! After you have prepped your body, prep your mind for study... 

Remember: CRAMMING DOES NOT WORK!!! The night before your test, you need to get quality sleep. That means do not pull an all nighter!

In test preparation, there are many different methods to tackle the material for the test such as:

  • memory tricks
  • reviewing lecture notes
  • learning test taking strategies
  • managing your time wisely
  • organizing your study

Take a look around this page to help you begin your test preparation! 

Getting Started

Before you begin your study prep, gather all materials that you will need, GO TO CLASS, and get to know your professor. Tell yourself that you can do it! Don't psych yourself out. If you believe that you can do well, you are on the right path.