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NUR 430

Research guide for NUR 430: Nursing Research and Application of Evidence Based Practice

Primary vs. Secondary vs. Tertiary Research 

Primary Secondary Tertiary
New data, gathered by the author(s) for analysis Pre-existing data, reexamined and reanalyzed by the author(s) Pre-existing data from many studies, tabulated by the author(s) for easy reference

Examples -- 

Clinical Trials

Randomized/Controlled Trials

Case Studies

***May be either Quantitative or Qualitative***

Examples -- 

Systematic Reviews & Integrative Reviews

Meta-Analyses & Meta-Syntheses

Literature Reviews

Commentary & Criticism

Examples -- 

Physicians' Desk Reference


Evidence-Based Care Sheets


See Quantitative and Qualitative Research in Nieswiadomy, R. M., & Bailey, C. (2018). Foundations of nursing research (7th ed.). NY, NY: Pearson.

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