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Research guide for chemistry

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QD 1-999 Chemistry

QD 1-65               General Chemistry,                                       including alchemy
QD 71-142           Analytical Chemistry
QD 146-197         Inorganic Chemistry
QD 241-441         Organic Chemistry
QD 450-801         Physical and Theoretical                              Chemistry
QD 901-999        Crystallography

Books of Interest

Articles of Interest

Chemistry with Graphene and Graphene Oxide - Challenges for Synthetic Chemists:  The chemical production of graphene as well as its controlled wet- chemical modification is a challenge for synthetic chemists and the characterization of reaction products requires sophisticated analytic methods. In this review we first describe the structure of graphene and graphene oxide. We put special emphasis on the differentiation of the terms graphite, graphene, graphite oxide and graphene oxide. An improved fundamental knowledge about the structure and the chemical properties of graphene and graphene oxide is an important prerequisite for the development of practical applications.

Theoretical perspectives on carbocation chemistry from energy decomposition analysis:  Understanding carbocation formation is a central concern for all chemical sciences. The widely accepted explanation in terms of inductive/field and delocalization effects is based on quantities that are not straightforwardly computed in popular electronic structure methods. This work reports an alternative approach to the carbocation formation problem based on energy decomposition analysis, more specifically, CMOEDA. Additional systems like halomethanes, amino- and nitro-derivatives are also described.