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What is a Personal Statement?

What is your question? This statement is usually in response to a specific question asked such as: "Why do you want to attend our school?" or "What makes you qualified for this career path?"

Always keep the reader in mind, so that you can appeal to them specifically. A statement showing how qualifications match the organization stands out

1. First paragraph 

  • Identify and answer the question immediately and concisely. You don't want to bore your readers, so get straight to the point. 
  • Share a little about yourself, but don't go on too long
  • Show how your qualifications match. This claim will be your thesis- you always need a thesis!


My experience as a tutor at Stephen F. Austin State University's (SFASU) Academic Assistance Resources Center (AARC) has made me an excellent choice for a teaching internship with the Houston Independent School District. 

2. Second paragraph 

  • This is where you expand your supporting evidence


I worked as a tutor at SFASU's AARC tutoring writing because I was an English major and good at academic papers. I wanted to help other students learn how to write their own papers until they no longer needed my help. For example ... 

  • Talk about specific experiences that apply to the question instead of listing everything you've done that can be connected. 
  • Be specific, but be concise. Don't use so many examples, that you overwhelm your reader. Choose one or two that directly support you. 

3. Third paragraph 

  • Your conclusion! 
  • Remind your reader of the question, and answer it again in a quick one or two-sentence response. 


My experiences, such as tutoring at SFASU as well as my summer camp counseling, will enable me to contribute to the Houston Independent School District as well as learn from this internship.