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APA Style Explained

American Psychological Association style is used the social and behavioral sciences.

APA looks intimidating because the format contains publication instructions such as a running head. However, there are numerous templates available on the web, including on this site, so the simple solution is to download one and write over it. If you want to learn how to format APA's particular margins, see

A note about abstracts - Not all professors require abstracts, though they're common on longer papers - double check your assignment. An abstract is a short summary of the paper.  It should only be one paragraph and the entire text is double-spaced. The first line is not indented, unlike the rest of the paper.

A note about headings and subheads -  If you are dividing a long research paper into sections, use the following guide to headings and subheads - 

Check your assignment as frequently the outline your instructor gave you is broken out into sections.

See the pull-down menu on the APA tab above for more on IN-TEXT CITATIONS

See the pull-down menu on the APA tab above for more on REFERENCES


Download this Word document as a guide for your next paper!