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Spanish Guide

Welcome to the AARC Spanish Guide

Resources on this site are arranged by the order in which they occur in the Vistas 6th edition textbook.  Please select your course, then the lesson which you are studying to access information and practice on specific grammar concepts. If you are in Spanish 232, you can refresh your memory using the grammar concepts listed for SPA 131-231.   

Many of the quizzes collected here are from the site We have linked the publicly available quizzes, but if you want more practice, create a free account with them.  Some of the teachers at SFA use StudySpanish in their classes, so an account could come in handy.

Helpful Links for All Courses

Helpful Tips for Spanish Keyboards

To type an accented vowel, simply press the apostrophe (') key, then press the vowel you want to accent.  

On some operating systems/keyboards, you will have a key designated for producing the "ñ".  However, with other operating systems/keyboards, you must press the "~" key, and then the "n".  

***If you cannot locate a character, USE THE ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD to find it.

Using the On-Screen Keyboard (Windows)

Turning on the on-screen keyboard allows you to see where all the characters are located on a keyboard layout you might not be familiar with.  It allows you to simply click on the character you want, or to just look at where the keys are while you type.  Below, directions are included for locating the on-screen keyboard.

NOTE: With Some operating systems (such as Windows 10), you can simply search "on-screen keyboard" in the Windows search box from the start menu.

Using Spanish Keyboards

It is often much easier to complete homework assignments if you are able to directly type accents rather than having to copy and paste or use the buttons provided by homework sites.  Here are a few guides to help you access the Spanish keyboards that are already available on your devices. Please keep in mind that, if you cannot find your specific device in this list, many devices have very similar steps for activating and using special characters.

Switching Between Keyboards (Windows)

With Windows computers, locate the keyboard button that will appear on the right of the start bar.  You can switch back and forth simply by clicking on it and selecting the keyboard you want to use.



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